At the Spinning Division, the focus is on retaining the purity of the nature-sourced fabric. This is achieved by using a judicious mix of conventional, people-monitored processes and state of the art machinery.

The Spinning Division of LS Mills comprises 150,000 spindles that cater to a daily production demand of 25 tonnes of ultra fine yarn everyday:

for improving yarn properties, we handled the process like

gassed yarn
dye cone winding yarn

The spinning shop floor sports a range of machinery from LMW,Reiter, Muratec and SSM. This allows complete control over the spinning processes and thereby ensures maximum purity.

LS Mills specialises in the manufacture of Ne 60 to 160s in Egyptian, Indian and Supima cotton. The yarn is spun in single, double, plied, gassed and grey varieties. The division also caters to customised demands of soft packaging.

L.S.Mills specialized in TENCEL(Lyocell) from Lenzing.